Web is full of online scam stories. Romance scamming has been proliferating since 2000s and still this filthy business is high. It grounds on sex and greed – the basic leverages ancient as human history.

Website scam

In this article we refer a website scam as an ever greening showroom of young gorgeous girls from Eastern Europe displayed on dishonest dating sites. Gorgeous Russian girls are an in-demand top product, a unique selling proposition of romance scammers.

Girls are usually conducted by agencies to engage much older males from abroad for money spending by creating great unrealistic expectations of love and affection. When the right amount is already invested in her, the girl, as a rule, disappears for good. If the girl agrees to meet with a man visiting her in her location, these meetings are usually formal and communication breaks up.

Dating scammer letter

Wikipedia gives the following definition of a dating scammer letter or a scam letter as “a document, distributed electronically or otherwise, to a recipient misrepresenting the truth with the aim of gaining an advantage in a fraudulent manner.” Internet romance scams exist in plenty all over the world. Unfortunately, every other e-mail user gets a dating scammer letter at least once in his life.

Dating scammer letter is the most popular way of earning profits for a dating site. It is a part of the well-developed business process of dishonest local dating agencies making fortune on disappointed and heart-broken foreigners.
The most common dating website scam scheme works simple. Spam emails are mass mailed on behalf of beauties to numerous men from data bases.The first in the row letter with amazing pictures attached comes to your Inbox from a super beautiful young woman. It mentions her amazing body shapes. Besides she would like “to know you better”or “wants to meet you soonest”. While communication develops, your beloved girl starts asking for money or hints about gifts by different reasons.Both purposes require a huge budget, and once the amount is transferred the girl disappears.

Such kind of emails target essential human needs and the basic instincts. That’s a real reason why they are popular despite of plenty dating romance scam stories revealed and case studied to become a common knowledge.

There are numerous blacklists of dating scam websites and individual confirmed romance scammers in the internet.You can always check the girl you are in communication with on them. But not to become paranoid and ruin a genuine loving relationship please consider some tips to avoid potential romance fraud.

Tips to avoid romance scamming

  1. Collaborate only with trustworthy, reputable dating websites and marriage agencies with proven positive record.

  2. Try not to send a lot of emails, but better offer talks with a cam. If the woman or agency escapes from communication on cam, stop this intercourse at once. You are trapped in the dating website scam.

  3. Do not send money to a girl. Use agency service to organize a dating tour for you to meet her in her country of residence.