How Anastasia Website Features Romance Scamming?

How to Define a Scammer?

How Anastasia Website Features Romance Scamming? and its numerous affiliate partners in Ukraine are proved by many clients to be a part of the well-organized dating website scam industry. The business process starts from an entrepreneur who cooperates with the website as an affiliate partner. This entrepreneur manages the whole business process. He or she searches and interviews gorgeous Ukrainian girls from 18 to 30 years old to enroll them to organization. Most vivid beauties are offered free photo sessions in order to use their professional pictures later on at the website, on consent of the girl or often without it.The same managers also hire translators and interpreters to carry on correspondence on behalf of the girl from the online catalog.

As a rule, one translator manages several women’s profiles and replies to numerous foreign gentlemen in search of romance online.The more fans the profile gets, the better for business.The translator’s salary directly depends on the popularity of a girl’s profile and the pile of website services the gentleman orders continuing communication with a fancy candidate. Translators write down dating scammer letters, entertain clients within limits set by business managers and website rules. But actually translators in this chain are just workers skillful in English and e-mail correspondence to do the job.

Sometimes girls showcased in the online catalog take part in the process, either  communicating with a man directly or being updated by translators on details of correspondence and she somehow reacts to them.Then her comments are edited to form a letter and are sent as a reply. But in the majority of cases the beautiful girl’s profile is used as a bait to catch money from the foreign pocket. Does the woman know what’s going on? There is an agreement between the site and the girl about services that she provides voluntarily while the site is responsible to find her a match. Girls usually get some financial bonus from being registered with a website or when she dates a man if he comes to Ukraine. This bonus guarantees that a girl will find a possibility to meet a foreigner every time the manager calls her. However, there are also numerous cases when beauties from dating site scams are unaware of any activities online dating website undergoes simply using her amazing pictures for them.

Internet romance scams are successful because all participants of the scheme know what to do and how to lure in the right candidate. Besides, it is worth to mention that many foreign men treat online dating as a sport, not as something serious, and they are ready to support any website activities till they have access to the database of amazing Ukrainian beauties ready to spend time with them and entertain them.

Finally, plenty of online dating scam stories revealed in the internet also prove there are always someone ready to cash in on the illusions and unrealistic expectations connected with men-women relationship. Mix of sex and greed as an essential motivation is hard to overcome and, therefore, there will always be new victims of internet romance scams.

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