Free from Romance Scamming: Is It Possible to Date Online Without Trapping into Dating Site scams?

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Free from Romance Scamming: Is It Possible to Date Online Without Trapping into Dating Site scams?

Romance scamming instead of happy marriages with single Slavic beauties from Eastern Europe? Are there any real cases of genuine love relationship between Russian girl searching for men and a foreigner? Actually there are a lot of them to witness. However, it’s also obvious that internet romance scams in this part of the world are numerous, too. Thus, the question is how to date a gorgeous Slavic woman online without becoming a hero of new online dating scam stories.

Gorgeous, educated, family-oriented, good housekeepers, caring, ready to sacrifice and compromise in relationship, Slavic beauties have been always famous for faithful and inspiring attitude towards her spouse. Such women always attract men from abroad. But would you be lucky to meet her, a genuine woman from Eastern Europe, ready to build happy relationship with a man overseas?

The number of top model-looking profiles in the net is enormous. Are there gems amongst stones? Who are in disguise, hiding under professional and amateur sweet and hot pictures that overwhelm dating websites and social networks? You guessed right, romance scammers.

So, why does romance scamming proliferate? It can be generated because of two main reasons:

  • Unrealistic expectations of the foreign gentlemen aged 50+ to happily marry a 20-year-old Slavic top model
  • Greed of dating agencies and individual romance scammers striving to satisfy a demand in beautiful girls by all means and make a fortune on it

Internet romance scams are numerous because «The Slavic girl brand» is widely popular and demand on dating them is high. Actually much higher than the supply, as just a little number of real Eastern European girls are ready to marry abroad. However, demand is big, so many want to capitalize on the brand. Gorgeous Slavic women are often used simply as a bait to phish out bucks from men’s wallets.

The manly interest is supported by plenty of online dating websites eager to lure in any Western European, North American, Australian or New Zealand men looking for a little or a big romance. The impressive female profiles at these dating sites can be found to satisfy every eye. Agency managers make castings and collect professional shootings of attractive girls mostly from 18 till 30 years old. The most attractive models can get some financial bonus for pictures and intro videos. Girls are sometimes unaware of how their pictures will be used afterwards. Local women are invited on interviews by so-called international marriage agencies. This is the way to get real details and contacts from real girls. Then when the database is enough the internet romance scam game starts.

As a rule, all communications between girls and foreign men in search goes through the website. The dating agency actually insists on their services: translations of correspondence, mail forwarding and other like gifts delivery, for example. It’s easy to control the content of correspondence and manipulate the way communication flows in such a «couple». Girls in most cases have no idea they are in communication with a fiancé overseas. If the girl takes part in such a dating business, she gets some money from the agency for new pictures, availability for Skype or real meetings with men who come to the city.

Translators usually write letters on behalf of pretty women showcased in online catalogs, entertain them with sweet replies, attaching more provocative pictures with every coming letter and push a client to send money as a helping hand to his favorite girl or satisfy her urgent need.

Top model girls’ profiles, as a rule, correspond with as many clients as possible at the online dating scam website. Such profiles can earn agency a fortune. Real girls depicted in the profile can be in relationship with a local man or a foreigner she has already chosen. Nevertheless, fake letters are still being sent on her behalf to all who react on her charm.

Therefore, the more time the extra pretty girl is registered with the website, the more questions can appear why she is still «single».

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