Honest Single Russian Girl VS a Russian Scammer

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Honest Single Russian Girl VS a Russian Scammer

When a Western man meets a single Russian woman searching for love online, he doesn’t know how girls from Eastern Europe usually behave. He can easily fall a victim to manipulations of fake Russian ladies, con artists who pursue the only purpose to rip him off his money wherever the chance comes. In this article a typical behavior of an honest girl and a scammer will be compared to show the evident difference between them.

1. An honest Russian girl will never address a man first. Due to her traditionally patriarchal upbringing it is not decent for a girl to impose herself on a man, either online or in real life. This is a trick from the online dating scams agency manipulating girls’ profiles to engage men to spend more money on websites with a paid membership or a first step in the standard Russian scammer gameplay.
2. She will never tell you that it is her first time to meet a man online. Honest Russian girls in search for love, not for affair. She won’t show any initiative to meet a man or reveal her liking. Scammers would usually like to play trustable and innocent in eyes of a potential romance scamming victim.
3. She won’t send you a photo or two with every email, especially with a purpose to seduce. An honest Russian girl will share with you some of her pictures, of course. But she will never forward you any provocative sexy photos or nude pictures, at least from the very beginning of your online communication. Russian scammers often use sexy pictures to play with a victim’s feelings and instincts. The hottest set of pictures will arrive just before an asking-for-your-money step.
5. Her life story won’t be compulsory miserable and pitiful. An honest Russian girl can certainly have hardships or some issues in her life. However, it won’t be the main point to discuss with a stranger online. Besides, she would like to make a good impression on a potential partner. Only scammers will depict in detail their so-called sad circumstances and show off life problems.
6. A genuine Russian girl won’t show strong affection to a foreign man online within a very short period of time, without a real meeting. A decent Russian woman is serious about love and marriage. Even if she really likes you from the start she won’t easily and instantly show her affection in letters. She hardly say «I love you» without a real meeting with a man. The obvious red flag from a romance scammer – she falls for you immediately, from hello in your first reply.
7. An honest woman won’t talk a lot about trust, honesty in relationship and understanding. Only scammers want to build trust and make you think that they themselves are very sincere.
8. An honest Russian girl won’t start describing an extreme desire to visit you in your country shortly after the start of your email correspondence. She will be happy to know you would like to visit her in her country than to go to you. Russian scammers need the reason to start asking for money. That’s why they will be in a hurry demonstrating a strong longing for you in your home sceneries.
9. A genuine Russian girl won’t claim she can get a tourist visa or any other type of visa to your country easily, with a help of relatives or acquaintances or through other similar channels. She would rather expect you to come to visit her, than undergo all embassy procedures on her own. Besides, it is common knowledge that it is next to impossible for a young woman from the Eastern Europe to receive a visa to the first-world country easily.
10. An honest Russian girl won’t apply for a visa abroad without even talking to you first. She respects her partner and has no need to confront you about the necessity to pay for visa fees for her, just because the payment time has arrived. It is a typical scammer’s trick to force you pay.

Which type of a single Russian woman do you prefer more? Please, choose the right girl wisely and stop all communication if something disturbs you in it.

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