How to Define a Scammer?

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How to Define a Scammer?

In the online dating space there are a lot of internet romantic scams. Romance scam is defined as a theft by deception. Why should you be deceived? These tips based on online dating scam stories can be useful to avoid disappointment while you are in communication with a single Ukrainian woman in search for love. No need to be paranoid if you have already met a fancy Ukrainian girl or while dating her. The number of good and sincere women is bigger than of greedy crooks. Just be careful and have these pieces of advice in mind whenever you are in online correspondence with a beautiful girl. Better safe than sorry, as the old wise proverb goes…

Five tips to define a scammer

Tip 1. A beauty contacts you initially on her own by email or a free message in social networks like Facebook, for example, or on a free dating site.

Comment: it is most probably a romance scamming. Why? Girls, as a rule, expect a man to take initiative and contact a woman first. It’s a part of the cultural background and common due to a rather patriarchal upbringing.Decent genuine single Ukrainian girls do not contact you first on their own.

Advise: either stop this communication from the start to prevent the risk of a failure or ask her to communicate using a video cam. In 99% of cases she will refuse to do this by any possible reason.

Tip 2. Your girl looks like a top model, younger than you 15+ years and she doesn’t care of an age gap or other differences between you.

Comment: young beautiful girls in the age from 18 till 25 are the most in-demand group for relationship, dating and marriage in Ukraine. They are already very popular with local men. Genuine young girls do not search foreign men much, especially when gentlemen overseas are twice or more their own age. It’s a romance scamming. Somebody uses pictures of gorgeous Ukrainian beauties as a bait to phish on you. It can be a girl herself, someone else who takes advantage of her genuine pictures or a dishonest dating agency. Whoever they can be, they aim only at your money.

Advise: ready to lose money and heart, proceed with her and invest in internet  romance scams.

Tip 3. Romantic feelings are very strong from the start. She writes you long and sweet emails about her feelings to you without asking much details. The answers to your questions if any are placed in the end of the email, sometimes without much connection to the major message. It can be because the email you get is a standard one, replies have been added to it later, before sending to you. Pictures of her become more and more provocative with every coming letter.

Comment: the girl possibly ensures you fall for her, making a strong tie between you before asking to help financially.

Advise: if you enjoy this communication and would like to continue, just have in mind that she can ask you to transfer money as a next step. Never send money to a girl you have met online!

Tip 4. She has some sad circumstances in her life: dead or ill family members, hard financial situation with little to no income, war conditions – whatever reason that can cause you feeling pity about such a nice and sweet girl and motivate you to support her morally and financially.

Comment: feeling of pity and empathy together with a sex motive are the strongest triggers for manipulation and playing with your feelings. It’s a traditional scammer’s hook used commonly by beggars all over the world.

Tip 5. She asks about help for herself or someone from the family, or covering any expenses, related to your relationship like plane tickets, cost of a visa, or rent of an apartment in advance when you go to visit her. She asks to transfer money by any possible reason, directly or indirectly. The transfer should be usually done via Western Union money transfer service.

Comment: all schemes she can use pursue the only goal: to take money from you by different scenarios. She will ask for financial assistance in the questions important for your relationship to ensure you send it.

Advise: Never send money to girls online! 

The last but not the least, no need to panic if you have met a single gorgeous Ukrainian girl online. Just try to use video cam in communication and read between lines. If you are interested in the woman, it’s better to go and visit her and see everything with your own eyes. Never any serious relations can survive long time only online. You can start communication, get interested in each other but the final decision can definitely be made only when you really meet a person in real life.

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