Icon scam case or how romance scammers work

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Icon scam case or how romance scammers work

There are plenty of fraud schemes that romance scammers use to lure you in money sending. Some of them are as usual as a visa scam when the man is asked to transfer amounts necessary to cover travel expenses for his favorite lady. Some of them are more sophisticated and definitely more harmful for your heart and wallet. Amongst the latter there is a scam type called icon scheme. Why does it deserve to mention? This fraud can be done so professionally you couldn’t even spot it before it occurs.

The beginning is standard. You are contacted by a young and beautiful girl somewhere in the social networks or at the dating website. Your communication is very sweet and it develops very quickly. Soon you begin to fall for her. She seems to feel the same. It is love! The high time to continue and make your romantic communication more physical.

Your favorite beauty wants to visit you. She is so enthusiastic about it. The girl has already got a visa and to cover travel expenses on her own is not a problem for her. Your favorite Russian beauty met online really loves you. She doesn’t ask for money, she can cover her expenses herself. Hooray! Miracles happen! Really?!

You are anticipating her soonest visit. All goes well. You are flying high looking forward to meeting the love of your life. She is already going to the airport, you are full of best feelings. Then you receive a phone call from her or a message. Unfortunately, she has got urgent troubles at the airport customs in her country. She carries an old icon as a present from Russia to you. There can be any expensive gift on the place of the icon she would like to bring to you. She sometimes doesn’t have enough money to prove her legal stay in your country. The custom officer forces her to pay him immediately to pass the customs. She has lack of money with her to resolve the problem herself.  She is in trouble. The situation is very urgent and unpleasant.

What shall you do? Will you save your Princess? You have been waiting for this meeting so eagerly. This girl definitely deserves this financial helping hand. She has already proved herself and her sincere interest in you. As a rule, the man who cares of a girl will transfer the money. After the fiancé sends the requested sum, he won’t ever see either his beloved Russian girl or his donation.

Scammers invent such emotional and stressful situations when you are made to react quickly and to their advantage. As a rule, a man has no idea he has been scammed until his girl disappears after she received her money. The ending of this romance scamming story is never happy.

All romance scammers start their fake communication schemes to get your bucks. The moment she asks for money your online love crashes over the sad reality.  The gorgeous-looking picture you have fallen for is a fraud. Never send money to girls you have met online!

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