Internet Romance Scams from Eastern Europe: Red Flags to Spot While Choosing a Dating Website

How to Define a Scammer?
Free from Romance Scamming: Is It Possible to Date Online Without Trapping into Dating Site scams?

Internet Romance Scams from Eastern Europe: Red Flags to Spot While Choosing a Dating Website

If you are up to meet a beautiful Russian girl and research for a decent dating and marriage platform, keep your eyes open. There are plenty of top model-looking women showcased at the majority of dating websites. To meet a genuine beauty and avoid internet romance scams you are to choose an online dating mediator carefully. Such a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach could save you nerves, time and money.

First of all, try to read at least several reviews on different dating forums about your favorite websites before signing in. However, reviews can be very emotional, written by the disappointed guys, take them with a grain of salt. Your aim is getting aware of possible dating website scam techniques  and clear alerts which online dating platforms to avoid. After reviews’ check if you are still in, let’s look through your favorite website to spot

signs of potential romance scamming before you register in with it.

1. Website is on a free, not on its own domain.

The trustable long-term dating website or agency keeps to their own domains, corporate emails and a recognizable brand. The reputable website owners care about their business and strive to improve it for better customer’s experience. If the website looks old-fashioned, cheap-looking or unattended, why should you keep it with your money?

2. There’s lack of contact information available at the website.

If there are no physical address, telephones, or contact forms available at the website, it can be a strong scam-alert. If the platform offers dating tour services, for example, the full physical address of all available offices and phone numbers stated in the Contact page is a must. Emails listed on the website should be related to the domain name. The email you send through the website Contact form or directly to their inbox is to be replied within one business day. If the websites states free emails or doesn’t react properly on your letters or reports, they do not care of their customers.  If the communication with the agency as the online dating mediator is important. If they do not react properly and leave your requests without replying, no need to be with them.

3. There are no free services, all services are in prepaid packages, website policies and a list of services are not transparent, return procedure and guarantees are not stated.

All these facts separately can be just a hint on internet romance scams, but  in combination they are a red flag not to choose this website.

4. There is no chance to get a direct contact information of a preferable girl from the agency, all the services are going through the website only, their translation and mailing services are imposed by default.

All these signs demonstrate the website unwillingness to assist your matchmaking with a fancy woman, it’s a bad sign of a business for the sake of business only.

5. Too many top-model professionally made pictures of Russian girls, beach-style or nude pictures are also in plenty.

Yes, men love with their eyes. But never forget that the pretty girls are the main bait of a dating website scam. Double check your motives before registering to such a dating platform.

In conclusion, before registering in try to understand what you are looking for. Internet romance scam websites are professional in sweet entertaining you for your money. If you are in search for a genuine relationship, please, double check the website, its policies and reviews before using it. Long-term players with good reputation will do their best to provide you with the qualified assistance in matchmaking with a gorgeous Russian girls

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