Online dating website scam: how to date but not to get trapped?

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Online dating website scam: how to date but not to get trapped?

Internet romance scams have, unfortunately, become a mainstream recently. Almost every other user of online dating websites meets with an Eastern Europe romance scammer’s profile or even communicates with a con artists. Such interactions usually end up in huge expenses of money, time and feelings that scam victims need to go through. Here, in this article, there are tips on how to date but not get trapped in internet romance scams.

Eastern European online dating is highly popular amongst Western men who are amazed by beautiful Russian women. Unfortunately, not every profile at online dating website shows a genuine girl. As a rule, the more professional pictures of a young woman aged 18-30 looking like a top-model are, the bigger chance to meet a scammer in disguise. In internet romance scams stunning or provocative photos of younger girls are used as a bait to lure a man in. Such an attractive young lady can contact you on her own, usually at the free dating website where moderation and verification procedures are low. There are also many cases when Russian romance scammers place their profiles to the paid dating websites. As you start communicating with such a girl, she will ask you to leave a dating site and talk through private emails or various free messengers.

In several intro emails from her you will find out about her hard miserable life in her country but, at the same time, about her overwhelming attraction to you. She can’t help but fell in love with you at the first sight. She doesn’t care of an age gap between you or any other personal details of your life. She likes you so much. From now on only you as her Prince Charming can save her from all hardships. After the initial contact is set and you are already romantically tuned, a request for money comes. It can be from several days to several months money before you receive a money request from a girl. If you doubt to transfer money, she will blame you of lack of trust or threaten to stop relationship altogether. Another sign of bold manipulation.

Cash, as a rule, needs to be transferred via Western Union or Money Gram – in these services it’s next to impossible to return your money if it has been already taken by the recipient. The requested amounts can start from several hundreds of US dollars or Euros. She can disappear directly after she withdraws money or continue her playing with you ripping you off more and more.

The reasons internet romance scammers ask for money can be numerous, the most common are:

  • To cover expenses on visa and flight tickets to your country;
  • Illness of a girl or her close relatives;
  • Last minute problem in her trip to you as passing through customs in the airport, cash needed to be shown in the airport to cover all days of stay in the foreign country, other urgent situations that need immediate money transferring.



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