Romance scams: step by step to get your money

Online dating website scam: how to date but not to get trapped?

Romance scams: step by step to get your money

With the disruptive popularity of internet and every day smart technologies more and more single and lonely people try to search for a companion or a life partner online.There are many Western men that look for a bride in Eastern Europe where the most beautiful women with traditional family values can be found. Yes, there are a lot of gorgeous girls who would like to meet a good man, local or foreigner, to create a strong loving relationship. But could such genuine ladies be found in net? Too many online dating scam stories feature greedy Russian scammers in disguise of young attractive and lovable beauties and their victims with empty wallets and broken hearts. The only way not to become a part of an online fraud will be the good knowledge of romance scamming patterns and strategies, step by step.

As soon as internet romance scams are a filthy business for those who perform them, let’s treat their online behavior as a standard scheme which is solely aimed at ripping a man off. Such online dating scam stories can be in action from several weeks to several months before the first money request will appear on stage. Internet romance scams are run by both men and women, as well as groups of criminals in disguise of amazingly beautiful and hot Eastern European young girls. Pictures used in Russian romance scamming can belong to authentic women connected in scam or simply stolen from the internet.

In general, there are 4 main steps romance scamming professionals use to realize their intention to get your bucks:

  1. Introduction to a potential scam victim.
  1. Building trust and creating romantic vibes.
  1. An initial request of money. Milking for money as long as possible.
  1. Disappearance of a scammer.

Let’s discuss each step in detail. First of all, you register to online dating site, either on a free or paid one.  Russian scammers, unfortunately, can be met anywhere, social networks included. Sooner or later you bump into or are approached by an attractive young girl from Eastern Europe much younger than you. You start talking and she tries to take you off from this website and use alternative ways of communication like private emails or texting in messengers. This is needed not to lose your contact in case the dating website will ban her profile.

The girl tries to be open with you: her dating scammer letters are full of sweet words and affection born from hello and describing of hardships she survives in her everyday life. These emails or messages come on a regular basis together with pictures attached to them. The more loving your communication becomes, the hotter pictures you will receive from your fancy lady. She is full of «true romantic feelings» to you, though you have never met in real. She amazingly depicts your future real meetings and how happy you can be together.

After the scammer decides that you are already tuned on necessary romantic vibes and the trust between you has been already built, the first money request appears. Whatever reason to ask for money is, either preparation of a future meeting in your country and, of course, visa and travel  expenses are to be covered or some misfortune as illness of a girl or her relatives has happened, you are the only one to save her and pay. If you send money first time, the girl will either disappear immediately after receiving funds or will continue to milk you as long as possible. Anyway, she will vanish into thin air sooner or later. If you ever doubt transferring money, she will be very disappointed and even angrily blame you of lack of love and trust to her.

In a nutshell, however you like a girl, never send money to your online acquaintances. It’s nothing but 100% romance scamming!

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