Visa Scam: Why This Typical Romance Scamming Scheme Is Popular?

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Visa Scam: Why This Typical Romance Scamming Scheme Is Popular?

Imagine you are a man of 50+ years old, dwelling somewhere in the USA or Australia, for example. You are feeling lonely or bored, so you decide to register in an online dating site, say with Eastern European girls. One day you are contacted by a very attractive young girl who immediately falls for you. She is extremely sweet, smart and hot. Your communication develops quickly and the relationship gains momentum in no time.

Her emails and messages to you are regular, they may usually come the same time or by some pattern, for example, from Monday to Friday. The girl almost never answers your questions in her letters. If the reply is present, it is, as a rule, placed either in the beginning or in the end of the letter. The rest of the email’s content is often not relevant to these answers.

However, her letters are full of love, affection, sometimes there are described emotional details of her past or everyday hardships of her present. Each letter goes together with a picture. With every new message the photos become more hot and provoking. Typically, a man gets from 6 to 20 online messages before the first request for money appears on stage.

In the beginning of the correspondence the girl usually asks to change from the russiancupid avis website you have met on to more close communication via personal emails or messengers. Sometimes she changes several emails claiming they are working unduly. It is done to check if the man follows the scammer and doesn’t give up on this communication.

Your correspondence goes on. You like this charming Russian girl more every day. She says you are really different from the local men round her. Her attention and sexy young looks flatter you much. The young beauty says she is confident in her feelings to you and it must be a true love. She doesn’t care of your society status, money you earn or other details. She declares an unconditional love with you till the death threshold.

However, your romance needs continuation in the real life. There the romance scamming story begins. You doubt whether to travel to her country or not. Your favorite girl is eager to come to you. With your little financial help, of course.

What she can need money for? She definitely needs to pay for a visa, flight tickets and some money for bribes to make the visa process easier. Because she, as a rule, knows the right people who could help her for some financial bonus. This is called a visa scam scheme. First you send her a little sum of money less than $500, for a start. Say for a visa application or some student’s travel program that guarantees a visa. Not that much after all. You like your girl, you want to meet her and you send it.

The second amount she requests is much bigger. It is for flight tickets or insurance fees, or more expenses for visa, etc. You hesitate to transfer money or not. But it seems stupid not to send a sum for a flight ticket if she has already got her visa done. And you transfer money again.

At this moment your beloved fancy girl usually disappears. Yes, she can vanish into the thin air after money transfer on her name is done, as a rule, by Western Union or Moneygram. If the girl you have met online is still with you, be aware: a new phase of romance fraud is developed. Some unprecedented pitiful disaster troubles her again. It can be sorted out with a new money trance only. The hardship may be connected with her relatives, studies, some new travel expenses whatsoever.

Thus, her travel may be delayed before resolving the problem. The scammer will proceed asking for more money before you refuse to pay her. Then she will try to persuade you using any manipulation techniques, blackmailing or other emotionally playing on your feelings to her. If you do not react, she will disappear sooner or later.

In conclusion: visa scam is very popular with Russian online dating scammers. It is an easy way to manipulate a Western man and force him to pay for the romantic attention he received from a model-looking young Russian girl. No money, no honey?!

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